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Welcome to the
House of Gordon USA!

We are the families of the Scottish Clan Gordon in the United States of America. Our mission is to preserve and promote
our unique heritage and Celtic culture, as we enjoy the fellowship and support of family and friends.

The Gordon name is synonymous with the rich history of Scotland and dates back to the 11th Century. It is a name to be
proud of and deserves your interest and support. The Board of Directors of House of Gordon USA invites you to join our
Clan Society.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to create, stimulate and sustain an interest in Scotland, its history,
traditions and culture; to bring together people of Gordon heritage; to promote goodwill and understanding among its
members and the general public; and to perform charitable works. The “Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund”
provides scholarships to aid our youth in further studies of the Scottish arts and education. Our Scotland charity is the
Gordon Highlander Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland which tells the history of "the finest regiment that ever was." We honor
the men and women of Clan Gordon who are serving or have served in the defence of our nation with the Wall Of Honor
We promote genealogical research, and the Gordon DNA project, host tents at various Celtic Festivals & Highland Games
across the USA and many other worthy projects which encompass our Clan Gordon history and cultural heritage as well
as providing community service.


Well as you can see the website is updated somewhat. Unfortunately we ran into issues with the software that we have
not been able to resolve. So we will have a bit more typical website that we had originally planned.  I will still be exploring
other options to add to the functionality of the website as we go forward.  But as the annual publication is also coming up, I
have my hands full and the website will have to take second place for a while.


The Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) will be held this year at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games July 12-15,
2007, near Linville, NC. We understand that we can’t all make it to North Carolina for the AGM and so we must have a way
for each of our members to have a voice in the major decisions of the House. Therefore, we are setting up a nomination
process to have items of business placed on the agenda for the AGM as well as nominations for officers placed on the

All paid members have the right to request items be put on the AGM agenda and also to nominate candidates for the
National Board. We cannot have every request on the agenda each year, so the current board has the duty to set the
agenda from the items most immediately necessary and then from those which have engendered the most interest or
which will best put forward the stated goals of the House.
In order to make nominations you need only to send an email or letter with the following information to Lois Todd:
•        Member’s Name and Membership Number
•        Clear and concise statement of the item of business with goals and/or costs involved to the best of your knowledge.
      If you only have an idea that you feel is noteworthy suggest it as well, if it is good we can look into the details.
•        List of nominations for office include the specific office you are nominating each person for and also contact
      information for that person (there is more than one Jim Gordon, so we need to know which Jim Gordon you mean!)
•        Mail to:        Lois Todd
                           1811 Aeronca Ave.
                            Richmond, VA 23228
                            or email to

Deadline to receive these nominations is March 1, 2007. This allows the Board time to go through the nominations and
lock down an agenda for the AGM. It also allows them time to contact any nominations for office. We need to ensure that
all parties on the ballot are willing to serve and have the time to give. In May we will be mailing out our Annual Publication
which will include the AGM Agenda, Ballot, and Proxy Form. The details on the items of business up for vote, as well as the
slate of candidates for office will be outlined as well. Each paid member will have the ability to either mail in their ballots or
assign a proxy to vote for them at the AGM if they are not attending to cast their vote in person.
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