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Did you Know...?
... The House of Gordon has a tradition of military
service dating back to 1053 AD? That was the
beginning of more than 950 years of continuous
military service by Clan Gordon! Our tradition of
military service has always been a major part of
who we are and we have a
Wall of Honor to mark
the service of our members.
Check back later, because we will be adding MORE fun facts!
Sure you've seen the Marine Corps Monument at Arlington and the
raising of the flag by the US Marines at Iwo Jima during WWII, but what
does that have to do with Clan Gordon?
Did you know that among the first
wave of Marines to land on Iwo Jima were some pipers? Capt. Joe Cason and a
few other pipers landed with their pipes and began piping the men ashore to
none other than Cock O' The North! You got that right it was a Gordon piping the
men ashore! Ooh Rah!
Did you know Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, known as the Wizard of
Gordonstoun was the first to make sure his men wore the same tartan in
! In 1618 he wrote Murray of Pulrossie requesting that he bring the plaids
that his men wore "into harmonie with that of his other septs!" It was a red Gordon

Many people will try to tell you that Clan Gordon did not have a tartan of it's own and
wears the military tartan of the Gordon Highlanders, but don't you believe them!
They are dead wrong and the Wizard of Gordonstoun will tell them so!
Malcolm III and Margaret
Did you know that Adam de Gordon came to Scotland with Malcolm III
(Malcolm Ceanmor) to help him get his throne back from MacBeth?
Yes the
same MacBeth Shakespeare wrote about! In 1053 AD Adam came to fight for
Malcolm and was given lands in Berwickshire in the Roxburgh District (on the
border) for his help. Adam later died in battle at Alnwick in 1093 fighting with
Malcolm to regain lands in Northumbria.
Did you know Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon raised several Scottish
Regiments for Great Britain?
In 1793 he requested  Forsyth of Huntly to
create a new tartan for him based on the Military tartan (Black Watch). Forsyth
made three versions with a yellow overcheck. The Duke chose the single line
check for himself and authorized his new regiment to wear it! BUT that regiment
was NOT the Gordon Highlanders! It was the Gordon Fencibles which he raised
in 1793 and served as Colonel-in-Chief!  The Fenibles regiments were like the
National Guard is here-- the first line of defense at home.

Alexander with the help of his wife and daughters raised the Gordon Highlanders
the following year in 1794. His son, George Marquis of Huntly, served as
Colonel-in Chief, and authorized the regiment to wear his crest as their cap
badge! Alexander also authorized them to wear his own new tartan which they
made famous around the world! They became the most highly decorated of all
the British regiments and Winston Churchill said they were "the finest regiment
that ever was!"
Did you know Admiral James Alexander Gordon served in the Royal Navy
for 76 years!?
He joined the navy as an 11 year old boy and quickly rose
through the ranks. He was one of Admiral Nelson's captains during the war with
France, and was the last living of Nelson's captains. He won a gold medal for his
actions at the Battle of Lissa in 1811 and later that year had a leg blown off while
commanding the Pomone near Corfu. Losing a leg didn't stop him! In 1814 he
came to America for a little thing we call the War of 1812 and took his ships up
the Potomac and captured Alexandria, Virginia and Fort Warburton (later called
Fort Washington) then he went to Baltimore and his bombardment of Fort
McHenry inspired Francis Scot Key to write our National Anthem the Star
Spangled Banner! His life was the primary inspiration for C.S. Forester's
character Horatio Hornblower!
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