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Did you Know...?
...House of Gordon Clansmen & women have done
a lot to shape the world as we know it! Here are a
few fun facts about your kinsmen and kinswomen,
did you know they were Clan Gordon?
Daisy Gordon/Juliette Gordon Low
... Juliette Gordon Low was known by her family and friends as
Daisy and she could trace her ancestors back to the founder of
Clan Gordon?

She was born in Georgia, attended school in Virginia and New York and
married a Scot. She lived in London and Scotland for many years and was
good friends with Rudyard Kipling who wrote The Jungle Book!

She was an accomplished artist and sculptress. She was most proud of
having founded the Girl Scouts of America and was buried in her Girl
Scout Uniform!
Read more about her in our 2007 Annual edition of In The
John Muir
... John Muir is known as the first modern day conservationist? Born in Scotland
his family came to America and originally settled in Wisconsin. He later moved to
California. After temporarily losing his eyesight in a factory accident he decided to spend
his life looking for the beauty in life. He founded the Sierra Club and his efforts in
conservation inspired President Teddy Roosevelt to form our first National Park at
Yosemite! He has been called many things including the Father of Our National Parks, but
he described himself as, "a poetico-trampo-geologist-botanist and ornithologist-naturalist
etc. etc. !!!!"

Many members of his family are members of the House of Gordon
USA carrying on his
family tradition as Gordon clansmen!
Read more about him at the National Parks Service
Muir National Historic Site!
...A. A. Milne based the Winnie-the-Pooh stories on his son Christopher
Robin Milne and his stuffed bear?
The real toys now live at the New York City
Library, much to the dismay of the Brits and the joy of the Americans! Christopher
Robin loved going to the zoo and his favorite animal there was a bear named
Winnie. He named his stuffed bear Winnie for the bear at the zoo and Pooh for his
favorite swan! The was put in because according to Christopher Robin Winnie was
a girl's name and HIS bear was a male bear and everybody knows the makes it a
Read more about A A Milne and Christopher Robin and the Pooh toys!
...James Matthew Barrie known to the world as JM Barrie author of Peter Pan
was known to his family and friends as Jamie?
Jamie was one of ten children born to
weaver David Barrie and Margaret Ogilvie Barrie on May 9, 1860, at Kirriemuir,
Forfarshire, a town he made famous as Thrums.

He really did have a big St. Bernard dog named Porthos who was the inspiration for Nana!
And his inspiration for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys were the Llewellyn-Davies boys.
George, Jack, Peter, Michael and Nicholas (Nico) called him Uncle Jim, and on the death
of their mother, became his wards.
Read the Adventures of Peter Pan!
Check back later, because we will be adding MORE fun facts!
...Dorothy Gayle was a Gordon? That's right we all love Judy Garland because who
else could sing "Over the Rainbow" like her, and who but a Gordon could have faced
down that witch? Her grandfather was a Milne from Aberdeen! And, as all of you
Gordon Kids know, that makes her a Gordon! She was very proud of it too and spoke
about it when she performed in Edinburgh!
Read more about it!
General Patrick Gordon
... Czar Peter the Great of Russia owed his throne to a Gordon? General Patrick
Gordon of Auchleuchries in Aberdeenshire was part of the Haddo House branch of the
family. As a younger son he set out as a soldier of fortune and hired himself out to the
Swedish, Polish and finally the Russian armies. In Russia he rose to the highest ranks
and organized the army in the European and in particular the Scottish fashion
following in the Gordon tradition! In 1689 when Peter's sister Sophia tried to have him
killed and take over Russia, it was Patrick Gordon who held Moscow for Peter, putting
down the coupe, placing him firmly in control and kept him there! When he died, it was
Peter himself who held him and closed his eyes!
Older kids may want to read from his
...Edward Goodrich Acheson in 1893 patented a method for making an
industrial abrasive he called "Carborundum" or silicon carbide, one of 22
patents named by The United States Patent Office as most responsible for the
industrial age?
According to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, "without
carborundum, the mass production manufacturing of precision-ground, interchangeable
metal parts would be practically impossible."  Acheson went on to discover that when
carborundum was heated to a high temperature it produced an almost pure and
perfected form of graphite that could be used as a lubricant. During his lifetime, he was
granted 70 patents for industrial abrasives, several graphite products, processes for
the reduction of oxides, and refractories.  His family originated in Forfar, Scotland.
Edward Goodrich Acheson
Kid's Corner Fun Facts!
copyright Lois M Todd
...Richard 'Dick' F. Gordon, Jr., a retired Navy Captain received his naval
aviator wings in 1953, and served in the dangerous position of flight test pilot
until 1960?
In 1961 he won the Bendix Trophy Race from Los Angeles to New York  
and set a new speed record of 869.74 miles per hour and a transcontinental record of
2 hours 47 minutes.

In 1963 he was chosen by NASA to join the astronaut program and was pilot on
the three-day Gemini 11 mission, launched Sept. 12, 1966 along with Commander
Charles Conrad, Jr. During this mission he docked with an Agena satellite. Gordon
completed the first tethered station-keeping exercise (space walk), but he had to cut it
short after 44 minutes because of difficulty maintaining his position in weightlessness
without handholds or foot restraints, a valuable lesson for later space walkers. This
mission used the Agena engine to rocket to a then-record altitude of 850 miles, and
completed the first fully automatic controlled reentry!  

Gordon was back in space on Nov. 14, 1969, on the Apollo 12 moon mission along with
Conrad & Alan Bean. While Gordon circled 60 miles above the moon obtaining mapping
photographs of future landing sites. He also performed the final docking sequences
between the Yankee Clipper command module and the lunar module, Intrepid.  

In 1971, Gordon became chief of advanced programs for the Astronaut Office and
worked on the design and testing of the Space Shuttle and development equipment. A
year later he retired from NASA and the Navy to become executive vice president of the
New Orleans Saints professional football team.  
Check out his website here!
...Jeff Gordon is the 3rd All-time most winning driver in NASCAR, and he is the
first 3-time recipient of the NASCAR Illustrated Person of the Year Award.?
that isn't all that Jeff is about, he is also a well known philanthropist and has done much
to help others. In 1999 he established the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation to help
support children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses, and in 2006 he opened
the Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital at the NorthEast Medical Center.In 2007 he joined
other athletes in forming Athletes for Hope which helps professional athletes get
involved in charitable causes and inspires millions others to volunteer and support the
community. In 2011 he joined with AARP  through the Drive to End Hunger program,
which donates meals to hunger relief organizations near NASCAR tracks, along with
reducing hunger among senior citizens. Jeff is also a member of the Clinton Global
Initiative, which helps global leaders find solutions to ending the world's pressing
problems.  In 2009 Jeff  received the Silver Buffalo Award, the Boy Scouts of America's
highest award for his work as a Scout Recruiter and humanitarian work, in 2012 he was
the first NASCAR driver to be awarded the Heisman Humanitarian Award for his work in
children's causes.
Come Check out our playlist!
Astronaut Dick Gordon
Jeff Gordon