Minutes of the Annual General Membership Meeting 2008 (AGM)-- Read the minutes

Treasurer's Report -- Read the report...

Membership Report -- I am pleased to present the membership report for the House of Gordon USA.  We are a
growing organization!   Since last July at our AGM we have added 137 new members.

We currently have 600 members on our rolls, with 469 members in good standing.   During the year we lost 8 members
because of addresses that no longer worked.

Communications Committee Report 2008 -- Good afternoon fellow Gordons, I am very pleased that I could be
here this year! I missed you all last year due to work considerations and have had a hard time being patient for this
year’s AGM to come around!

Our website is doing quite well with usage up 106% over last year and we are only half-way through the year! Year to
date the website usage is up 335.27% over the same period last year. The five most popular pages are the ones we
would expect:
1.        The Home Page
2.        The Membership Page
3.        The Divisions Page
4.        The Events Page
5.        The Wall of Honor
5.        The About Us Page

I have one of the most extensive listings of events on the web with each event’s website/contact linked to the listing. The
lists are divided by date and by geographic location on the events page, and by division on the division pages. Please
refer people to our events listings as a reference and help promote our website!

Gordon DNA Project Proposal-- Many of us are intensely interested in our genealogy and wish to learn more
about where we came from. At times the paper trail becomes difficult to follow or apparently non-existent. This is where
DNA can help to break through the road blocks in our paper trails. By comparing the so called “junk DNA” on the Y
chromosome handed down from father to son intact, we can find links in the family tree between people who otherwise
would not be aware of the links. By comparing paperwork on these families we can begin to fill in the gaps, working both
forward and backward through time.

The Gordon DNA Project was started with the idea of comparing DNA from Gordons around the world AND THEIR
SEPTSMEN! From the beginning of the project the administrators have encouraged sept men to test under the Gordon
DNA project. It is indeed the House of Gordon DNA Project and we currently have 203 families participating in the
project, unfortunately many of our members do not realize that the Gordon DNA project is open to them, and so far only
one Adams family and one Todd family have submitted their DNA. With approximately 90 sept names, the House of
Gordon has one of the largest surname groups of any clan. Although there are DNA surname projects for sixteen of our
septs, the majority of them are not represented elsewhere. Also, the information from one DNA submission can be
submitted to several groups.

Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship -- We are pleased to announce that Jeremy and Nathaniel Atkinson,
sons of Lee Atkinson of North Carolina, have been named as recipients of the Charles O. Gordon Memorial
Scholarship. Jeremy is a Grade 4 piper who has been successfully competing and earned an Above Grade Level
Designation for his Piobaireachd in stiff competition at Grandfather Mountain! Nathaniel has just gone up on pipes and
will begin competition next year. Both pipe with the Deep River Pipe Band.

AGM 2009 Venue -- The membership voted to hold the 2009 AGM at the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic
Festival in Richmond, Virginia on October 24-25, 2009.
Welcome to the House of Gordon USA  2008 AGM!
We had Living History at the Clan Tent with our own Gordon Highlander and Crusader!  Kim Gordon in front of the time
line wall representing over 950 years of continuous military service by Clan Gordon. Aaron Todd piped for us at the
Virginia encampment! ALL Gordons were welcomed and fed at the encampment with Geof's pork tenderloin on a rock
oven built by David Todd!
The tent was open and inviting. John Lowry presented Nathaniel and Jeremy Atkinson with the Charles O. Gordon
Memorial Scholarship. The Wall of Honor was featured and well received!
The pork was liberally basted with the Chief's brew! Jim Fargo and John Lowry discuss clan business prior to the AGM.
The Annual picnic was a congenial gathering!
House of Gordon USA
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