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Welcome to the
House of Gordon USA!

We are the families of the Scottish Clan Gordon in the United States of America. Our mission is to preserve
and promote our unique heritage and Celtic culture, as we enjoy the fellowship and support of family and
friends. Come Join Us at the Gordon Tent!

The Gordon name is synonymous with the rich history of Scotland and dates back to the 11th Century. It is a
name to be proud of and deserves your interest and support. The Board of Directors of House of Gordon
USA invites you to join our Clan Society.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to create, stimulate and sustain an interest in
Scotland, its history, traditions and culture; to bring together people of Gordon heritage; to
promote goodwill and understanding among its members and the general public; and to perform
charitable works.
The “Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund” provides scholarships to aid our
youth in further studies of the Scottish arts and education. Our Scotland charity is the Gordon Highlander
Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland which tells the history of "the finest regiment that ever was." We honor the
men and women of Clan Gordon who are serving or have served in the defence of our nation with the Wall
Of Honor. We promote genealogical research, and the Gordon DNA project, host tents at various Celtic
Festivals & Highland Games across the USA and many other worthy projects which encompass our Clan
Gordon history and cultural heritage as well as providing community service.


Just a reminder to our members ... the May 'In The House!' will be going out in one month. If you are not
current with at least 2013 dues you will not receive the publication in the mail. Also if you are not current with
dues for the 2014 year you cannot vote in the AGM. This year's AGM has very important Bylaws revisions on
the agenda which will be published in the May issue of
'In The House!' These important revisions are the
result of much hard work by VP Evan Rose (CA) and his committee. It is very important that you return your
proxy ballots for the AGM so that Evan's, John Lowry's and Bonnie & Keith Linse's many hours of hard work
on our behalf will not have been a wasted effort.
 If you have questions on the status of your membership
please contact Bonnie Linse at

Congratulations to this year's Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship. 3/25/2014

Miss Emma Schiff of Oak Park, CA for Highland Dance
Mr. Nicholas Shropshire of Rockville, MD for Highland Drumming
Please see the Scholarship page for more information.

We sadly mark the passing of our Board Member and former President and
National Convener, Lucretia 'Lu' Gordon.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Lu's
    family for she will surely be sorely missed
    by us all. She was a good friend with a
    great sense of humor, and always a kind
    word. A funeral spray of blue & yellow flowers
    with ivy was sent from the House of Gordon USA,
    and we have awarded a one-time Lucretia Gordon
    Memorial Scholarship to Rachel Chase Noorda.
    Rachel is a member from Highland, UT who is
    currently studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland
    working toward her PhD. We have awarded her a
    $500.00  scholarship toward her Gaelic language
    studies. See the scholarship page for more
    information on Rachel!

House of Gordon USA supports The Gordon's School
& The Gordon Foundation in Restoring the Camel Statue.

    The House of Gordon USA is supporting the Gordon's School and The Gordon
    Foundation in their efforts to restore the historic Gordon Camel Statue with a donation of
    $1500.00. The Gordon's School was founded in 1885 by Queen Victoria as the national
    memorial to Major-General Charles Gordon, also known as Gordon of Khartoum and
    Chinese Gordon. Gen Gordon was well known not only for his military accomplishments
    but also for his many other accomplishments and attributes not the least being his

    The Camel Statue was commissioned of Edward Onslow Ford by the Royal Corps of
    Engineers and the original casting still stands today at the Brompton Barracks, Chatham,
    the home of the Royal School of Military Engineering, where Gordon attended, being
    commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers in 1852. A second casting in
    the more modern 'lost wax' method was made in 1902 and following a collision and
    immersion in the Thames (of 3 tides duration) was finally erected at the junction of St
    Martin's Lane and Charing Cross Road in London. In 1904 the statue was moved to
    Khartoum and stood at the intersection of Gordon Avenue and Victoria Avenue, 200
    meters south of the new palace that had been built in 1899 (following an alleged sinking in
    the Nile en route!). It was gifted back to the UK following the Sudan's independence and
    since April 2, 1959 has been at home at the Gordon's School in Woking. One Hundred
    and Ten years of weathering and damage from the various moves has necessitated the
    restoration of the statue. We are glad to be able to assist in this endeavor honoring our
    kinsman and his many accomplishments .

'Who Killed the Cock of the North?
(A sixteenth-century whodunit with a difference!)'
26th, 27th and 28th June, 2014 at Huntly Castle at 6.30 - 7:45 p.m.  

Living history at Huntly Castle!   Come and be part of an historical drama!  

Written by Anne Forbes (who also wrote Trials & Triumphs on the Gordons of Huntly) it is a story full of
ambition, intrigue, violence and  greed, set in the troubled times of 16th century Scotland, where the principal
characters, with  their individual agendas, are all entwined in a complex web of family tensions and political
struggle - not forgetting the witch’s  prophesy!

No ordinary historical drama!This interactive promenade play re-enacts events leading to the downfall of the
previously all powerful 4th Earl of Huntly!  He was Chancellor of Scotland, chief of the Gordon clan, and
popularly known as 'The Cock of the North.'… It has a twist.  The audience will be asked to decide what or…
who was responsible!

Come and be part of it all - and live through life in Holyrood with Mary Queen of Scots, in Huntly Castle with
the ever watchful servants, and even on the battlefield.

ALL House of Gordon Members are eligible to participate in the Gordon DNA project and take
advantage of the Gordon Group Discount.  Septsmen are encouraged to participate.
Go to the
House of Gordon DNA Project to learn more!     

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Annie Hughes, Director
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