House of Gordon USA
Welcome to the
House of Gordon USA!

We are the families of the Scottish Clan Gordon in the United States of America. Our mission is to preserve
and promote our unique heritage and Celtic culture, as we enjoy the fellowship and support of family and
friends. Come Join Us at the Gordon Tent!

The Gordon name is synonymous with the rich history of Scotland and dates back to the 11th Century. It is a
name to be proud of and deserves your interest and support. The Board of Directors of House of Gordon
USA invites you to join our Clan Society.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to create, stimulate and sustain an interest in
Scotland, its history, traditions and culture; to bring together people of Gordon heritage; to
promote goodwill and understanding among its members and the general public; and to perform
charitable works.
The “Charles O. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund” provides scholarships to aid our
youth in further studies of the Scottish arts and education. Our Scotland charity is the Gordon Highlander
Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland which tells the history of "the finest regiment that ever was." We honor the
men and women of Clan Gordon who are serving or have served in the defence of our nation with the Wall
Of Honor. We promote genealogical research, and the Gordon DNA project, host tents at various Celtic
Festivals & Highland Games across the USA and many other worthy projects which encompass our Clan
Gordon history and cultural heritage as well as providing community service.


Welcome New Conveners!

Welcome to Kenn Gordon, new convener for Louisiana and Arkansas! Kenn and his family are looking
forward to the upcoming season and representing! He'll be at Minden in March, Lyon College in April and
Monroe in October! Marcia will be helping Kenn to get into the swing of things and Minden so come out and
welcome Kenn and give Marcia a fond farewell as our convener! Marcia has been a fabulous Gordon
representative and we wish to extend our most hearty thanks!

Welcome also to Kaine Aitken, new convener for Michigan! Kaine is excited to connect with other Gordons in
Michigan, and we all know that the Michigordons were a very active group at one time. We are hoping to get
a large number of Gordons out at the events this year to enjoy the fun at the Gordon Tent. Garth Gordon will
be assisting Kaine at the first couple of events. Thank you Garth for all your hard work over the years and for
giving Kaine the benefit of your experience! Garth has long been our convener in MI and IN and we couldn't
have asked for a better representative, and anyone who has ever been to the Gordon Tent in MI will tell you
that Garth is well known for giving kisses to all the comely young lasses... Hershey's kisses that is!

As published in the May newsletter and adopted formally at our AGM this past July there have been changes
to the Bylaws (available here online) which will affect some of our members' status.

    Membership dues shall be in the amount approved from time to time by the Directors.
    A member shall pay the required dues no later than 30 June of each year to remain in good
    standing. Membership is automatically changed to “inactive status” by failure to pay annual
    dues by 31 December unless a written request for extension of time to pay is approved by
    the Directors. Inactive members are not entitled to Society Literature.

This means members who have not paid their 2015 dues by December 31st will NOT receive the May mailing
In The House and the proxy ballot until their dues are brought up to date. Please keep that in mind.

We would like to congratulate Emma Schiff, one of our 2014 Scholarship
recipients, on her fabulous competition results this year. As you heard
previously we were able to make it possible for her to get an early start on
her competition year with a major competition, the ECHD Championship in
Toronto Canada, she otherwise would not have been able to attend where
she came away as champion! This set the stage reinforcing her confidence
in her abilities and spurring her resolve to work hard and achieve those goals
she had set for herself for this year, mainly to rank in the top six juvenile
Highland dancers in the world.


Western Regional Championships, Costa Mesa - Champion
Interprov (Canadian Open Championships), Vancouver - Champion 2 days
out of 3, 1st RU on 3rd day
2014/15 U.S. Championships, Texas - Champion
Rothesay Open Championships, Isle of Bute, Scotland - 1st RU
Commonwealth Open Championships, Stirling, Scotland - Champion
Open Scottish Championships and World Finals Qualifier, Dunoon, Scotland - Champion
Cowal World Championship Finals - 2nd RU, Juvenile Division*

Her placing at Cowal officially ranks her as 3rd in the World/Juvenile Division! WELL DONE EMMA! We
are very proud to have been able to assist you in reaching your goals and hope to see more wonderful
accomplishments from you in the future.

Eventful 2014 AGM at Grandfather 7/15/2014

    The 2014 AGM at Grandfather Mountain brought us several opportunities
    for celebration on many levels.  Wednesday we
    had the joy of celebrating an engagement when Allison "Cat" Baker said yes at the
    top of the mountain! Back in Gordonville we passed the quaich  and toasted the
    happy couple welcoming Randy Rezurex White into the clan with the Cock of the

    We started the festival weekend with a tribute to Lu at the Torchlight Ceremony,
    remembering her and her father's legacy in the clan and passing the torch on to
    the next generation with our newest member
    Seamus Baker. It was a very poignant tribute given
    by our secretary, David Gauthier. We received
    news on Friday morning of the passing of Art
    Wilson and received this news with great sadness
    as we were finishing the set-up of the clan tent from
    his long-time great friend, Douglass Talley. It was a
    joy to be able to share remembrances of both Art
    and Lu over the weekend and to celebrate their
lives in the Scottish tradition (and Southern tradition) of sharing stories of them, their lives and all that they
had given to us over the years. This keeping of their memory near and dear to our hearts and passing down
that memory in our younger generation not only eases our loss, but keeps them alive among us and sets the
younger generation on the path to follow in their footsteps.

    Friday saw a lot of activity in the clan tent and we had cards on hand all weekend
    for our members and friends to sign for Cpl Aaron Todd who is deployed overseas
    with his Marine Corps Unit. We also had several donations toward a care package
    for him.

    On Saturday we presented the final scholarship of the year to
    the Grade 4 Junior Piper of the Day, Tyler Destremps of
Pennsylvania. Tyler and his family were very warmly welcomed at the Gordon tent for not
only the presentation of the scholarship, but also to join us in a celebration of his
accomplishments by sharing lunch with us in our hospitality tent. His grandmother said
that we not only made their day, but their whole week! (It was a good spread with BBQ
and bacon wrapped chicken bites in two different kinds of sauce as well as several sides
and deserts.) We were able to share our hospitality with many Gordons and friends of
Gordons both Saturday and Sunday. Not long after we had presented the piper of the day trophy and check
    we were visited by two of the board members of the games who presented us with
    the BEST CLAN TENT AWARD!!! We were all so surprised and excited and you
    should have been there to see the celebration as the Gordons literally danced in
    clan row and the mountain reverberated to shouts of "A GORDON! A GORDON!"
    We all knew that Lu was just on the other side dancing and rejoicing with us too!
    She must have been pleased indeed! It was a true group effort with many hands
    helping with the set-up & take down of the tent each day Thursday- Sunday! Our
    relay team came in 3rd and Brandie came in 2nd in the Women's Kilted Mile.

Gordon Highlander's Museum Donation 07/02/2014

    We are very happy to have the opportunity to support the
    Gordon Highlander's Museum and to be part of keeping the
    legacy of the Finest Regiment in the World alive. It is an
    integral part of the House of Gordon's heritage and an
    association we are proud to sustain. Board member and former
    president of the House of Gordon USA, John Lowry hand delivered  
    $2000.00 donation to the museum while on a family trip to Scotland.
    The museum described their visit on their site as follows:

    "A very busy week here at the Gordon Highlanders Museum has seen
    it culminate in a wonderful visit from our brethren across the pond from
    the House of Gordon USA Representatives, led by John Lowry of the
    House of Gordon USA, visited the museum yesterday and were recived
    by our Executive Chairman, Col (Ret'd) Charles Sloan OBE and
    Executive Director Bryan Snelling and were given a personal tour by
our Curator, Jesper Ericsson. They were visiiting us to donate a wonderful cheque to the museum which is
their chosen charity here in Scotland. John Lowry of the House of Gordon USA can be seen presenting the
cheque to Col (Ret'd) Charles Sloan OBE in the photos below. It was great to see so many of them make the
trip across to Scotland and the museum would like to thank both them and the wider House of Gordon USA
for the very generous donation that they gave us. We look to welcoming more of them back in the very near
future. — at The Gordon Highlanders Museum."

House of Gordon Georgia Has New Convener! 6/8/2014
We are happy to announce that we have a new convener for Georgia! Welcome Amy Edwards who
has kindly volunteered to take on that responsibility pending the Georgia membership voting on a permanent
convener! Amy hosted the Stone Mountain Games last year and is now making plans for this year's event.
Thank you Amy for selflessly stepping up to help keep the House in Georgia strong.

House of Gordon New Hampshire Get Ready for some fun! 5/22/2014
We WILL be hosting a Gordon Tent at the New Hampshire Highland Games at Loon Mountain
September 19th- 21st.
Rob & Kathy Gordon are excited to be hosting the tent and to be meeting fellow
Gordons at the Highland Games. Bonnie & Keith Linse will be going up to lend a helping hand and Merle
Gordon, our Maine Convener along with Jim Gordon, one of our Gordon DNA Project Administrators have
also volunteered to come down and help out. With a large group of Old Alexander Gordon's descendants in
the area and the interest shown in this event in our Facebook Group members we are expecting the Gordon
Tent to be a hub of activity the whole weekend long.

Congratulations to Emma Schiff 5/16/2014

    Hello All,
    A brief update to scholarship recipient Emma Schiff;
    Emma competed in the Eastern Canadian Open Championships this past
    weekend in Toronto, thanks to the Charles O. Gordon Scholarship received
    not long ago.  Without your assistance she would not have been able to
    make the journey from California to Toronto and compete.  We are very
    pleased to tell you Emma was victorious in her efforts and was awarded
    Champion of her age division, a unanimous vote among the panel of 3
    judges.  Attached is a picture of one very happy Highland Dancer.  Once
    again, many thanks for your kindness, support and belief in Emma.  We will
    keep you abreast as she competes throughout this year.
    Warm regards,
    Jehanne Languedoc Schiff

House of Gordon USA supports The Gordon's School
& The Gordon Foundation in Restoring the Camel Statue.
 Updated 6/1/2014
    The House of Gordon USA is supporting the Gordon's School and The Gordon
    Foundation in their efforts to restore the historic Gordon Camel Statue with a donation of
    $1500.00. The Gordon's School was founded in 1885 by Queen Victoria as the national
    memorial to Major-General Charles Gordon, also known as Gordon of Khartoum and
    Chinese Gordon. Gen Gordon was well known not only for his military accomplishments
    but also for his many other accomplishments and attributes not the least being his

    The Camel Statue was commissioned of Edward Onslow Ford by the Royal Corps of
    Engineers and the original casting still stands today at the Brompton Barracks, Chatham,
    the home of the Royal School of Military Engineering, where Gordon attended, being
    commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers in 1852. A second casting in
    the more modern 'lost wax' method was made in 1902 and following a collision and
    immersion in the Thames (of 3 tides duration) was finally erected at the junction of St
    Martin's Lane and Charing Cross Road in London. In 1904 the statue was moved to
    Khartoum and stood at the intersection of Gordon Avenue and Victoria Avenue, 200
    meters south of the new palace that had been built in 1899 (following an alleged sinking in
    the Nile en route!). It was gifted back to the UK following the Sudan's independence and
    since April 2, 1959 has been at home at the Gordon's School in Woking. One Hundred
    and Ten years of weathering and damage from the various moves has necessitated the
    restoration of the statue. We are glad to be able to assist in this endeavor honoring our
    kinsman and his many accomplishments .

    The scaffolding went up around the camel statue over the Easter
    break to allow the artisans access to the statue. Tassels that had
    fallen off over the years (or been knocked off with ill aimed rugby
    kicks) were brought out of storage and sent off for analysis and testing
    for making new tassels to replace missing ones. A visit to the Brompton
    Barracks at the Royal Engineers Museum in Chatham where
    specialists could study the original statue for detail to ensure accurate
    castings was scheduled. The completion of the project is anticipated
    this summer!

    We are looking forward to seeing the end result along with all those at
    Gordon's School!

Secretary resigns, new secretary appointed 5/9/2014
Nikki Gordon Middleton has resigned as our secretary due to an increased demand
on her personal life.  We thank Nikki for her service and hope that some day in the
future she will be able to again serve the House.
The Board of Directors has
appointed David Gauthier of Seaford, VA as the new national secretary.
David is a retired USAF Major and independent aerospace consultant. We are
happy to welcome David to the Board of Directors.

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